The Definitions Menu (or comparison in Datama COMPARE) is here to set up your analysis.

Define what you are comparing (Compare, Impact & Journey).

Start & End definition: This includes both definition of the dimension you want to compare on and the segments within that dimension that defines your starting point and end point

  1. Select the Dimension : Date, Device, Product….
  2. Then choose within the selected dimension, the segment you want to compare: 2018 and 2019, Mobile and Desktop, Product A and Product B ,….
  3. Click on “Compare” (or “Impact”) to get results or tap Enter


Tip: When you’re dealing with dates, a little calendar will appear next to the start and end dimensions. It can help you to select the dates more easily.

Tip: Clicking on the chart icon next to Start End Dimension gives you access to Start End Help tabset

Specify which ratio you want to assess (Pivot & Impact)

Tip: Clicking on the ‘÷’ icon next to Denominator drop down gives you access to the Ratio helper tabset