Datama Compare on Tableau Viz

Using Datama Solutions as a Tableau viz extension is a great way to make your report more insightful with the benefits of both Datama and Tableau.

Here is what you get on this page:

  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Free trial Period
  5. How to use
  6. Read your analysis
  7. Settings
  8. Get more insights
  9. Support and Resources

1. Overview

This document provides detailed documentation for the “Datama Compare - Smart waterfall” Plugin, a powerful extension for Tableau viz. This plugin enhances data analysis capabilities by explaining performance variations with easy to understand data visualization graph.

2. Features

3. How to use it

In order to use Datama in your report, you need to add a viz extension using a custom trex file.

Follow these steps to add Datama in your report :

  1. On Tableau Desktop, create worksheet
  2. In the “Marks” block, pull down the selector and choose “Add extension”
  3. Use the .trex file provided by Datama, or download it here
  4. Drag and drop columns into each proper mark type See getting started to learn more
    • Comparison “C” dimension (the dimension on which you want to compare, typically Year, Months, or Variant of AB test for instance)
      • Note: By default, Datama will compare the last 2 values for discrete dimensions or split in two the dates dimensions. Makes sure to leverage Tableau parameters or filters to get the right comparison.
    • Dimensions “D” dimensions (the dimensions that will be used to explain the variation of each KPI)
    • Metrics “M” fields (the metrics that will be used to create your market equation for instance Quantity and Sales to create Sales = Qty x Avg Price)
      • Datama sets up a relation (product of ratio) among metrics by default. Ensure they’re in a “funnel” sequence.

Please refer to the full documentation to learn more about source structure

4. Get a free trial period

You can get a free trial period of 7 days allowing you to test the full version of the extension by following these steps :

  1. Click on “Trial version” link of Datama footer
  2. Click on “Upgrade now”
  3. Create your Datama account
  4. Select your plan and get your licence key
  5. Add the licence key to the the extension by clicking on the “Format extension” button in the Marks pannel

5. Read your Analysis

To discover more about how to read Waterfall, you can read our dedicated section

6. Advanced Usage

Follow this link to get the full view of the extension Settings.

87 Get more insights

Explore related documentation to understand how to generate insights in Datama Compare

8. Support and Resources

If you require assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!