Datama Compare on Power BI

Using Datama Solutions as a Power BI extension is a great way to make your report more insightful with the benefits of both Datama and Power BI.

Here is what you get on this page:

  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Free trial Period
  5. How to use
  6. Read your analysis
  7. Settings
  8. Get more insights
  9. Support and resources
  10. Release

1. Overview

This document provides detailed documentation for the “Datama Compare - What’s driving my variation” Plugin, a powerful extension for Power BI. This plugin enhances data analysis capabilities by explaining performance variations with easy to understand data visualization graph.

Watch this video to properly understand our extension and how to use it.

2. Features

Here are the main features this extension is providing. These features will be completed step by step with new improvements and functionnalities such as automated comments and title, hypothesis “What if” modelisation…

3. Add the extension into your report

Follow one or the other steps to install the Datama plugin:

  1. Download the Plugin from the Marketplace:
    1. Navigate to “Insert” > “More Visuals” > “From appSource”.
    2. Search for “Compare - Smart Waterfall”.
    3. The visual will appear as a new icon in the visualization pane. Click on it to create the visual on the report canvas.

  1. or Install from the Visualization Pane:
    1. In the visualization pane, click on the ellipsis (“…”) to import a custom visual.
    2. Select “Import a custom visual”.
    3. Choose the Datama visual from the list provided.
    4. The visual will now appear as a new icon in the visualization pane. Click on it to create the visual on the report canvas.

3. Get a free trial period

You can get a free trial period of 7 days allowing you to test the full version of the extension by following these steps :

  1. Click on “Trial version” link of Datama footer
  2. On the “Full Extension” card, click on “🚀 Try for free”
  3. Get your Trial extension key and paste it into the Power Bi Settings

See here our different plans.

4. Getting Started

Once you’ve imported the extension, here is how you can use it.

1. First think at your use case: You need first to consider which KPI you want to analyse and what are the steps that lead to the main KPI.

2. Prepare your dataset: 4 steps are needed to properly set your dataset.

  1. Main KPI: Define the main KPI you want to compare (e.g. Revenue, Leads, Margin…)
  2. Comparison Dimensions: Define on which elements you want to compare your KPI (e.g. Period: Compare Month over Month, Country: Compare one country to the other…)
    • by default, Datama will select the first two elements of your dimension, or split a date range in two.
  3. Steps: Define the steps that correspond to the funnel that lead to your main KPI. For example (eCommerce funnel, or Finance funnel) See dataset examples
    • To better defined your steps (or metric equation), you can read our dedicated article.
  4. Explanation dimensions: Add Dimensions that will be used to explain the variations of your performance. Each variation will have an interest score to see how important they are to explain your variations.

Below is an example of a funnel with the metrics relation between each steps of the eCommerce funnel.

5. Read Your Analysis

7. Settings - Advanced Usage

Follow this link to get the full view of the extension Settings.

8. Get more insights

Explore related documentation to understand how to generate and read insights in Datama Compare

9. Support and Resources

If you require assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!

10. Power BI Version History (to be updated)