Privacy Policy of Datama Extension in Looker Studio


Thank you for choosing Datama’s LookerStudio Extension, located at 7 rue Pierre Ginier, 75018 Paris. Datama is devoted to upholding the confidentiality and security of its users. This Privacy Policy provides a transparent outline of our procedures concerning the collection, usage, and sharing of your data when using our LookerStudio extension. Engaging with our extension implies agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

LookerStudio Extension Privacy Policy

1. Information Collection

Our LookerStudio extension operates entirely on-premise and does not gather, monitor, or share any user data, including calculations or usage statistics.

Your engagement with our extension conveys your consent to our data practices. Upon discontinuing use of the extension, all associated data remains within your control, with no information shared or retained by Datama.

3. Data Storage and International Transfers

User data is managed exclusively within your own infrastructure. There is no transfer or storage of data outside your system, ensuring data security and sovereignty.

4. Sharing of Information

We adhere to strict privacy standards and do not sell, lease, or distribute any personal data. Our policy ensures complete confidentiality of your information.

5. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

The Datama LookerStudio Extension does not utilize cookies or any tracking technologies, and we do not monitor any aspect of your usage.

6. Third-party Access

Our policy prohibits third-party access to your data. This includes refraining from sharing, leasing, or selling data to external entities.

7. Data Security

Data security is paramount in our extension, with advanced encryption and security measures in place to protect your data within your own environment.

8. Notification in Case of Data Breach

We are committed to transparency and will notify users in the unlikely event of a security breach impacting the extension.

Our extension does not include links to external websites or services, ensuring a focused and secure user experience.

10. Unsubscribing

Users can discontinue using the tool at any time, with complete data privacy and no exit costs or fees.

11. Changes to This Privacy Policy

Any changes to this policy will be communicated to users who have provided their email addresses. We recommend regularly reviewing this policy.

12. Children

Our LookerStudio extension is not designed for individuals below the age of 13. We do not intentionally collect data from this demographic.

13. Contact

For any questions or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at