Interface of Datama extension

To guarantee you get started as quickly as possible, Datama has made its experience as intuitive as possible.

1. Overview

Datama Compare extension is composed of One main section (analysis) in Viewer mode and three sections in Builder mode (header, analysis & footer)

Structure of Datama Compare

2. Header section

In Builder mode the header is used for advanced settings to let you configure and refine your analysis. Read the dedicated section

3. Analysis section

Analysis section is mainly the Waterfall and few icons to change the display of the waterfall

Icons of Datama Compare
  1. Pivot: rotate your graph of 90°
  2. Waterfall Display: this is the graph by default
  3. Decision tree: change graphs to Decision tree which represent the same analysis in a different way.
  4. Documentation: Direct link to this documentation
  5. Waterfall Settings: Refine the display of the waterfall. Find more information on this page

Depending on your plan the footer can have different informations: