Prep - Interface

This section presents the interface of Datama Prep

The interface is composed of multiple panels:


The first is the header where you can edit your flow name, open another flow, save it or delete it through the “file” menu. Then when saved, the “Data” menu enables you to schedule the flow (run and pre-cache the flow) or you can analyze it in a solution of your choice.

Find details about the Header menu

Side bar: Sources and Operators

The sidebar contains a solutions sidebar (to help you navigate through our solutions quickly) and also an “Add source” panel where you can import data from multiple location (google, facebook, twitter, snowflake, and many more providers)

Find details about the available connectors and operators

Main Panel

The main panel is where you can create and manage your flow. This panel helps you connect blocks with a flow diagram.

Sample panel

The sample panel is a small extract (~8 to 10 lines) of your dataset. When a block is selected on the main panel the sample panel will show the extract (sample) of the selected blocks along with information about data type for each column, the sum/count etc…