Prep - Export Analysis

This section helps you automatise the export of your analysis

You don’t have time to open the Datama interface … receive your analyses directly in your mailbox or on a Slack channel By using the menu “export result” you can schedule an export directly to a mailbox at the frequency you want.

Here’s what it’s going like to be in Datama Prep:

but you can also access the export menu within each solution.

Here are the available connectors to extract your analysis:



Static URL

This extraction allows to create URL accessible to every user without login to Datama.

Activate Public URL to make the URL accessible to user without login to the Datama account, when deactivated user will need to be logged-in.

Export part or full view of the solution : “alert message”, “Waterfall” or “Detailed step view”.

Your graph wil be updated according to your data. As soon as you load the URL the graph will be updated with the freshest data.


This connector is under development and will be available soon. (coming in March 2023)