Journey Header

The header in DataMa Journey helps you manipulate and refine your Use Cases

Find here the main elements of the solution Header in DataMa Journey:


DataMa Journey can be used with a comparison. To activate this mode, select a dimension and the element you want to compare. Each graph and the comments will be in Compare mode, reflecting the difference of the elements you are comparing.


Filter any element you want to remove from the data.


In DataMa Journey, there is only one ratio to be defined to run the module. This ratio will be used to understand the performance (Numerator) and the volume (Denominator).


Analyse Sequences

Instead of analysing steps, you can toggle this setting to analyse sequences of steps

For example, Search-Product-Cart contains 3 touch points: Search, Product and Cart, and when Sequences is activated it will become 2 sequences Search-Product and Product-Cart

Journey Separator

By using the text input, you can change the seperator between steps of your journeys. Initially, the separator is “-“.



Maximum Number of Points analysed

By default, the algorithm will analyse the top 50 steps in your journey</is> column.

Maximum Number of steps in Sunburst

By default, only 6 steps of user journeys are represented. This can be changed by modifying this setting.


To accelerate the time to run the analysis, you can deactivate the attribution part.


By using the dropdown menu, you can choose your attribution model and thus consider various distributions of your money in the various steps of your journeys.

Simplify Sunburst

By activating the dropdown menu, you can simplify your journeys by removing duplicate journeys and removing duplicate steps in journeys.

This is very useful to simplify your display and decrease computation time.

Simple Stat

The Simple Stat tab is a graph allowing you to visualize various information on the steps of your customer journeys: