Detailed View

This chapter is stil in construction in the solution (see old version of Datama to get information about the Detailed View)

Detailed View is a group of 4 tabs. See the articles below for details on each tab:

Simple Stat

The Simple Stat tab is a graph allowing you to visualize various information on the steps of your customer journeys:



The Flow tab is a graph allowing you to visualize previous points and next points for a chosen touch point (Point in Detailed View Filter) on a choosen metric (Metric in Detailed View Filter).

If Compare Mode is activated, then then End Dimension will be represented. Green represents positive variation between Start and End, while red represents negative variation between Start and End.

The size of the flow shown is related to the percentage of the metric flowing from one touch point to the other, in sequential order.



Relative is another way to display the Flow graph.



The Data Tab is the table used to generate the other tabs of Detailed View.

With :