Find here how you can use the Dimension helper overview of the solution**

Helper charts can help you to understand what you want to compare and what you have in your data.

1. Dimension Helper

The dimension helper helps visualise the start and end point of each dimension at each step of the waterfall. Change your selection by using the carret in the title of the graph. The graph represents in blue and orange what is selected as a comparison (start and end) in your analysis and in gray the value of the part that are not selected in the scope of your analysis (part of the data filtered or ignored in the start/ end definition).

Tip: click on the legend to remove some bars (orange, blue or gray)

2. Start/ End helper

The Dimension helper allows to visually see the performance of each period in the dataset.

Blue and Orange are what is selected as a comparison in your analysis and gray what is ignore in the analysis; As soon as you close the popup the calculation will be launched.

3. Ratio helper

Ratio helper is representing each step of your market equation (metrics relation) split by start and end definition (in blue and orange).