Media Acquisition Analysis

This use case focuses on analyzing media acquisition data for digital marketing campaigns


This use case focuses on analyzing media acquisition data for marketing campaigns, specifically examining the effectiveness of various campaigns with respect to their allocated budget. The dataset provided contains information about campaigns conducted in the current and previous month, including their budget, costs, impressions, clicks, sessions, transactions, and revenue. The analysis will help identify the most cost-effective campaigns and optimize marketing budget allocation.


The objective of this use case is to compare the churn rate of different client types, genders, and products between the last year and this year. The analysis will help the business identify patterns and trends in customer retention and attrition, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dataset Description

The data for this use case is provided in the form of a Google Sheet containing the following columns:

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Below is an extract of the data that has been used for this example. You can download the source: Gsheet

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By analyzing the media acquisition data and evaluating campaign performance based on the allocated budget, you can make informed decisions about optimizing marketing budget allocation. This documentation provides a step-by-step guide to perform the analysis, identify top-performing campaigns, and generate insightful reports for decision-making purposes. Remember to regularly update the dataset and reevaluate the performance metrics to ensure continuous optimization of your media acquisition strategy.