Content Square data

This page details the « Content Square» example in our demo solution.


This use case focuses on analyzing ContentSquare data to gain insights into user behavior on different pages, zones, and devices. The dataset provided contains information about visits, views, hovers, and clicks for various page-zone-device combinations. The analysis will help identify user engagement patterns and optimize content placement and user experience.

Dataset Description

The dataset contains the following columns:

You can download the source: Gsheet

In Datama Compare

This example is will show you how to specifically analyze Contentsquare data within Datama Compare. This will help understand which elements of your site are performing better, and will allow you to compare different version of your website.

You can add many additional dimensions and steps in your conversion funnel.

Contentsquare data

By analyzing the ContentSquare data and evaluating user behavior across different pages, zones, and devices, you can gain valuable insights into user engagement patterns and optimize content placement to improve the user experience. This documentation provides a step-by-step guide to perform the analysis, identify user engagement patterns, and generate insightful reports for content optimization. Remember to regularly update the dataset and monitor user behavior to ensure continuous improvement in user engagement and website performance.