Homepage - Admin

On this page, find details on the Admin section of the homepage

This chapter gathers different features shared amongst the homepage, such as:


This menu gives you access to a configuration panel for your account. You can add a license key or change your login information.

Administrator accounts are also able to manage the activity of other company accounts.


In Statistics, find a summary of the number of computations made.

You can customize the histogram according to several breakdowns (Total, Solution, workbook) and filter according to the date as well.

What’s a Computation? At Datama, the consumption of the solution is made according to the number of computations, which is the number of times the algorithms are triggered to display new results. This means that when using filters, playing with settings, or saving, this counts a Computation. However, this has no impact on the cost of the solution. Feel free to use the solution as much as you want!


This is a menu specific to administrators. It allows you to manage different license keys. Three options are possible for each user :