Tableau extension

Using Datama Solutions as a Tableau extension is a great way to make your tableau report more insightful with the benefits of both Datama and Tableau.

Datama helps you do the job of an advanced data analyst faster, in Tableau. It’s particularly helpful for marketing analysis, such has gap/ root cause analysis. Using this extension you will have access to

Below is a step by step on how to get it working in tableau

1. Create a source worksheet

In Tableau Desktop, create a new worksheet a source for Datama.

A source worksheet should have all the metrics and dimensions you want to analyse in Datama. Typically a source for Datama will have

Here is an example of a source from The SuperStore default dataset of Tableau.

Please refer to the full documentation to learn more about sources

2. Insert the Datama extension in a dashboard

Here is an example of a source from the same dataset as above.

3. Get insights

If you are new to Datama

If you are a Datama Client

4. Publish your workbook

You can then upload publish your Dashboard embedding Datama in Tableau Server or Tableau online so that anyone in your organisation can access Datama’s insights. Just make sure that the Tableau admin authorize Datama’s extension to be published on your organisation.