Looker Studio extension

Using Datama Solutions as a Looker Studio extension is a great way to make your report more insightful with the benefits of both Datama and Looker Studio.

How to load the extension?

From Looker Studio you can load new vizualisation from the community, and retrieve our manifesto : gs://app.datama.io/looker-studio


How to Use the Datama Extension?

Datama will be basically like a Looker Studio graph embedded in the visualisation. You will have to configure it as a basic graph.


How to set up the Datama extension?

Tip: When you want to compare period: Create a calculated field as a 1st dimension to choose what to put as a Start & End element in this dimension. This calculated field could then be used as Dropdown menu to better select the period you want to compare

Contact us (contact@Datama.fr) to get a licence key and install the extension.