Secondary Comparison

Find here how you can use the Dimension Comparison of the subheader of the Datama solution**

What it is:

Previously known as Compare of Compare, this mode allows you to compare 2 waterfalls. The secondary waterfall is defined by turning the secondary comparison on (on any available dimensions) and then defining the start of your secondary waterfall and the end of your secondary waterfall.

In the background, Datama will then run the same analysis for the 2 definitions of start and end, and then display the results of the secondary analysis in the background. Main output is :

When to use it

Compare of Compare mode is particularly useful when you regularly run the same analysis for different periods of time. We can take the example of this dataset.

You’re in Week 3 2022, and you want to compare to Week 3 2021. Using Datama Compare, you get this:

Now, the real question that you’re asking when you run this every week (so you ran this also in week 2) is: how is that different from last week?

This is where you activate Compare of Compare, and add Week 2 YoY analysis as a secondary waterfall (yes, this assumes you also kept week 2 in the source you’re analyzing).