Mix and Perf Settings

In the interface left menu, you have settings regarding how DataMa will act regarding Mix & Performance visualisation.

Split Mix and Perf

By default DataMa will automatically choose to split or not the Mix and Performance effect. If the Mix is too small, only Negative and Positive Segments will be displayed.

But you can disable this auto choice, and choose to always split the Mix and the Performance effects or Never split Mix and Perf. If so DataMa will only make a split by Positive and Negative Segments.

Negative Driver First

By default DataMa automatically choose to display the segment that are following the variation. If your step is increasing, the segments displayed will be the one that drive this increase. On the contrary, when your step variation is going down, datama will choose to display segments that are explaining the decrease.

This could be changed by activating the “Negative Driver First”. Negative Segments will be displayed first in the waterfall whatever the variation. Because you more often will need to improve what’s driving your business down!