Summary chart


This analysis is made using the metrics and the dimensions appearing in your dataset. This allow you to understand the contribution of your dimensions and highlight for each step the dimension that has the main impact. Each step is calculated using the main KPI unit (e.g. Revenue in the above picture)

Each step is split in 3:


See below the same explanation using the example in the picture above using the 3rd step (Checkout/Sessions). The main dimension for this step is « Medium ». all the impact is calculated in the main unit « Revenue » (considering that Start is last month and End is actual month)

Acceleration of rise or fall (x2.43)

The figure in parenthesis explains the acceleration this element has compare to the other element in the dimension. « The fall of the referral traffic goes 2.43 times faster than the other type of medium traffic ».

If this figure is close to 1, this will say that the element you’re looking has the same rise or fall than the other element in the dimension. This will tell you that everything is rising or falling at this step and nothing in your dataset explain why this step is positive or negative. You should add some more dimension to explain this variation (weather, holidays, day-off, bank holidays, strike, price versus competition, …)