Marketing Campaign

Find below information about the « Marketing – Campaign » example in our demo solution.

Below is an extract of the data that has been used for this example. You can download the source: Gsheet

In DataMa Compare

Read our article to better understand emailing campaign analysis

This use case is a basic example of conversion funnel used for an email campaign. In that case DataMa Compare will help to compare 2 different campaign and identify the performance at each step of the two campaigns and understand from which element is mainly due this difference between each campaign.

For example: At the step : number of email « Open/Sent » the performance collapsed mainly due to the Segment 2 that less Opened the email in the Campaign B than in the Campaign A. (This could be seen in with the red bar in the middle)


The 2 other Marketing examples represent specific features available in our DataMa Compare solution (clustering of continuous dimension, and the ability to put some of the data aside – scope in / scope out):